chiropractic health


Chiropractic plays a critical role in the pregnancy process. The nervous system is in full control of the reproductive system so it is essential that it is functioning properly without any nerve interference so insure a healthy pregnancy. Chiropractors are extensively trained on locating and removing nerve interference in order to allow the body to function properly.

One of the best reasons to see a chiropractor during your pregnancy is that is a natural drug-free option. Chiropractic care can help maintain pregnancy, control vomiting, produce healthier infants, and deliver the infant in a shorter amount of time. Over 60% of women suffer from some type of low back pain during their pregnancy. One study compared 17 pregnant women with a pain rating of 5.9/10 who received chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy. During chiropractic care their scores dropped to 1.5/10 or below. One of the greatest benefits is that regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy have been proven to decrease labor time by up to 60%. Adjustments can be administered all the way up to – and even during – labor if called for.

One of the most traumatic events any of else will ever go through is the birth process. It can put an enormous amount of stress of the infant’s neck. It is vital to have the infant checked within his/her first few weeks of life to ensure he/she has no nerve interference and a properly functioning nervous system to give that child the best chances of growing up healthy. The mother should continue with care as well as chiropractic has shown great benefits with postpartum depression as well as all the emotional stress associated with having an infant.